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The nuts and bolts of an ecommerce site are design and development. We address design innovation and trends — including layouts, colors, photography, logos, video, and more. We explain the basics of code — HTML, CSS, JavaScript — as well as platforms, themes, plugins, open source, and related topics.

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Image of three office workers: 2 females and 1 male
Design & Dev Tools

AI Basics for a Competitive Advantage

Understanding the limits and workings of generative AI is the first step in harnessing its benefits for business.

Brandon Chicotsky
Schools & Resources

Is College Necessary for Business?

3d illustration of human with headphone on Audio waveform abstract technology background ,represent digital equalizer technology
Design & Dev Tools

AI Audio Tools for Meetings, Podcasts, Text-to-speech

Toms' Wear Good site, reading "Secondhand, Reimagined"
Platforms & Apps

20 Recommerce Brands, Marketplaces, Platforms

Sample "Viral Content Bee" logo from Benchmark.
Design & Dev Tools

Testing 7 AI Logo Generators

Abstract illustration from Canva Design School
Schools & Resources

19 Free Web Design Courses: UX, Graphics, Code, More

Illustration from Analytics Vidhya of people holding puzzle pieces
Schools & Resources

7 Resources for AI News, Updates, Ideas

Illustration of a person holding a pen standing on a book
Platforms & Apps

19 Tools to Write, Publish, Sell Ebooks

Screenshot from Posmark's website of a live stream
Platforms & Apps

Ecommerce Product Releases: April 16, 2023

Screenshot of a female from OceanWP.
Design & Dev Tools

15 Free Themes for WooCommerce

Illustration of Albert Einstein on Salesforce home page
Platforms & Apps

Ecommerce Product Releases: April 3, 2023

Screenshot of Everipe logo on a smoothie glass
Typography & Fonts

The Right Font Drives Conversions

Cover of E-Commerce Growth Strategy
Schools & Resources

12 New Ecommerce Books for Spring 2023

Screenshot of Fatbush font site showing the font and a handdrawn smiling face
Design & Dev Tools

20 Free Web Design Tools from Winter 2023

Screenshot from ShipStation's home page of USPS, DHL, and UPS logos.
Platforms & Apps

Ecommerce Product Releases: March 15, 2023

Screenshot from Affinity's home page of various photos
Design & Dev Tools

A Web Designer’s Tech Stack

Image from the Grocerist of a red bell pepper on a smartphone
Platforms & Apps

Ecommerce Product Releases: March 1, 2023

Image from Spreaker of a male recording a podcast
Platforms & Apps

11 Podcast Platforms to Host, Distribute, Monetize

Screenshot of icons from The Free Flat eCommerce Icon Set
Design & Dev Tools

20 Free Ecommerce Icon Sets

Screenshot from TikTok reading "Your first TikTok ad."
Platforms & Apps

Ecommerce Product Releases: February 15, 2023

Photo from "World of Rolex" of an expensive car
Platforms & Apps

4 Ecommerce Growth Levers

Screenshot of a GroupMe chat on a smartphone
Platforms & Apps

15 Group Messaging Mobile Apps

Image from Vyrill of a male and female in front of a computer
Platforms & Apps

Ecommerce Product Releases: February 1, 2023

Image from Ada's home page of a female using a smartphone
Platforms & Apps

13 AI Chatbots for Business

Illustration of a timer device from the app Focus Keeper
Design & Dev Tools

21 Productivity Tools for 2023

Screenshot of Hoka's mobile home page with text "Project Clifton"
User Experience

Simple Steps to Mobile-first Web Design

Image of Dennis Hegstad
Design & Dev Tools

Shopify App Developer Takes on Coupon Leaks

Image from of male and female shopping in a physical store
Platforms & Apps

Ecommerce Product Releases: January 16, 2023