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7 Resources for AI News, Updates, Ideas

Artificial intelligence is upending modern society. Even experts are unsure of its overall impact. Nonetheless, staying abreast of AI developments is essential for marketers and merchants.

Here are seven resources I’ve come to rely on for news, updates, and ideas.

7 AI Resources

AIChat is a daily news blog for all things AI, including ChatGPT, Bard, Bing Chat, Midjourney, and more.

The blog often addresses international copyright laws, which are changing to accommodate AI. Anyone who produces content should monitor those developments.

The site also publishes new conversational chat prompts weekly, which I’ve found helpful. AIChat doesn’t deliver updates via email. Readers have to go to the site directly to read the news.

AI Chat home page


Justin Fineberg is a longtime software engineer and an avid AI enthusiast. He co-founded Reclists, a customizable AI-powered social news platform, and CassidyAI, a coming service for making AI “accessible and practical for businesses of all sizes.”

Fineberg shares his insights on TikTok and via an email newsletter.

He recently asserted that AI would soon generate its own prompts if asked by users, thus eliminating the need for those skills. My experience is mixed, however. ChatGPT has not created good prompts from scratch when I’ve asked. But it has improved my existing prompts when I queried, “What am I missing?”

Home page of Justin Finberg's site

Justin Fineberg

Ben’s Bites is a 5-minute daily digest of AI news online and via email. My favorite section is “Cool tools.” There’s also a helpful, daily feed of AI product launches.

Home page of Ben's Bites

Ben’s Bites

Analytics Vidhya is a community knowledge portal for analytics and data science professionals. The active ChatGPT category explores the future of AI, with expert opinions on likely developments such as replicating human thought and impacts on the world.

Start with a detailed guide on ChatGPT and how it works, then visit the category weekly for updates. An Android app facilitates bookmarking articles and following preferred categories.

Home page of Analytics Vydhya

Analytics Vidhya

The Register, a global enterprise technology news site, reports on OpenAI several times weekly. The articles are thorough and expert-driven, with citations.

Readers cannot subscribe to updates only for one category, however. I’ve bookmarked the site to check back periodically.

Home page of The Register

The Register

ChatGPT subreddits contain interesting and trending discussions. I read the r/ChatGPT subreddit, which features daily threads on real-life uses of ChatGPT, such as solving problems, finding a job, or storytelling.

Another subreddit, r/ChatGPTPromptGenius, curates helpful, creative prompts.

Home page of ChatGPT subreddit

ChatGPT subreddit

Digital Information World publishes informed commentary on research studies and surveys. The site’s ChatGPT section is updated several times a week.

Home page of Digital Information World

Digital Information World

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