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»What is Commerce Briefs?

Commerce Briefs is a subscription service providing quick, daily updates — releases, upgrades, collaborations, fundings — from companies providing products and services to ecommerce merchants. 

»Why should I sign up?

Commerce Briefs is a fast, easy way to track new products, services, and developments from ecommerce providers. Merchants can learn of new tools to help their businesses. Providers can track competitors and market forces. Investors can monitor industry innovation and development.

»Where does the info come from?

Practical Ecommerce’s editorial staff subscribes to hundreds of feeds, emails, and notices from agencies, media, and the providers themselves. We curate and condense this info into daily tweet-sized briefs.

»How do I access the briefs?

Subscribers can read the briefs online, via daily emails (Mon-Fri), or both.

»Can I cancel?

Yes. The first seven days of your subscription are free and cancelable. After that, you can cancel anytime to be effective on the next billing date